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Internal Medicine

All the patients in this group are outpatients, and they are divided into observation and control groups by random. All the patients correspond with diagnostic standard of acute bronchitis. Treatments: self-made Fang Ke Shu San is applied in the observation group. Formula: Jing Jie 30g, Fang Feng 30g, Jie Geng 30g, Qian Hu 30g, Xing Ren 30g, Chan Tui 20g, Jiang Can 30g, Bo He 20g, Niu Bang Zi 30g, Chuang Xiong 20g and raw Gan Cao 20g. They are made into powders. For adults, 5g for once and three times a day. Jie Geng Dong Hua Pian is applied in the control group (it is produced by Sichuan herbal pharmaceutical factory). Formula: Jie Geng, Kuan Dong Hua, Yuan Zhi and Gan Cao. 8 pills for once, and 3 times a day. Results: the total effect is 97% in the observation group and 72% in the control group.

Key words: Jing Fang Ke Shu San, herbal treatment, acute bronchitis

Zongjing Tong, Chongshi Tong
Guangling Traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Shanxi province (037500)
Guangling people’s hospital, Shanxi province


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