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Internal Medicine

1. Damp heat in the large intestine: sticky, loose and fetid stool; dull pain in lower abdomen, burning sensation in anus, distension and heaviness sensation of sacrococcygeal region, unsmooth defecation with a small quantity, 2~3 times a day, few of flatus, difficult stool, or accompanied by bitter and dry mouth with drinking desire, preference to alcohol and sweet, or overtaking pungent, fried and greasy food. Red tongue; yellow and thick, or white, thick and dry tongue coating at root of tongue, rolling and wiry pulse. Forceful at both Chi pulses. Si Miao San added with the herbs which can regulate qi and open the intestine, such as Bing Lang, Zhi Ke, Zhi Shi, Chuan Hou Pu, etc. is applied with modification according to the symptoms in the treatment. Good effects are received in every treatment.

2. Damp in the middle energizer: distention of epigastrium and abdomen, watery stool without odor. 1~2 times a day, tastelessness or sweet taste in mouth, thirst without desire to drink, preference for warm food, increasing Diarrhea due to greasy food or fresh fruit, heavy body, fatigue, lassitude, light red tongue with white thick or white sticky coating, deep and rolling pulse. Cang Zhu, Hou Pu, Chen Pi, Bai Kou Ren, Yi Yi Ren, Huo Xiang, Pei Lan, Tu Fu Ling, Ze Xie, Che Qian Zi, Chan Sha and Mu Gua are applied.

Key words: Chinese medicine, Syndrome Differentiation, chronic colitis

Writer: Gengmin Hu
Chinese medicine department, affiliated hospital of Pu Tian academy, Fujian province (351100)


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