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Internal Medicine

The main treatment methods for cervical spondylosis are TCM therapy, herbs, cervical traction, physical therapy, message etc, surgery is seldom adopted because of its small value. We now introduce one experienced prescription which validated by clinic. Basic ingredients: Chuan Xiong 15g, Ge Gen 60g, Quan Xie 6g, Wu Gong 3 pieces, Tian Long 15g, Wu Shao She 15g, Xu Duan 15g, Sang Ji Sheng 15g, Gu Sui Bu 15g, Lu Han Cao 30g, Dan Shen 60g, Bai Jie Zi 9g, Huang Qi 60g,  Shu Di Huang 15g, it should be modified according to syndrome.

Key words: Experienced Herbs Prescription, Vertebral Artery Insufficiency.

Writer: Rongqin Zhang, Pinkang Wei
No.2 military medical university affiliated Chang Zhen hospital (200435)


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