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Internal Medicine

Diarrhea of spleen and kidney yang deficiency is characterized by pain around the navel, diarrhea when get borborygmus and pain will be relieved after diarrhea before the dawn. In these 42 cases, apply modification of Si Shen Wan made of by Dang Shen, Rou Gui, prepared Bai Zhu, Bu Gu Zhi, Rou Dou Kou, Wu Zhu Yu, Mu Xiang and Bei Wu Wei Zi, etc. subtract Wu Zhu Yu and add Huang Qi, Sheng Ma, He Zi Rou and Wu Mei for worn out with age, often being used in diarrhea; subtract Mu Xiang and add prepared Fu Zi for coldness of four limbs. Every 10 days treatment is one course; one course for mild one and 2 courses for severe one. It is cured if no recurring in 3 years following up. Result: the total effective rate is 94%.

Key words: modification of Si Shen Wan, traditional Chinese medical treatment, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, diarrhea

Writer: Lunrong Liu

Shuimiao central hospital, Xining county, Shaoyang, Hunan province (422704)


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