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Infectious Diseases

Among 6 cases of SARS, all the patients have symptoms of high fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue; 2 patients accompany with symptoms of headache, sore muscles; 2 patients have lungs moist rale. Laboratory examination: all the patients’ WBC quantity decrease or maintain normal, the lymphocyte total amount is low; various degrees of hypoxemia are found by blood gas analysis; all patients had mild hypoproteinemia; X-ray or CT examination shows all the patients have multi-leaf exudative lesions in lungs, which change fast and present the trend of progress, furthermore, the symptoms and signs are different; sputum culture shows negative result.

Treatment method:
1, early stage: prescription: Tui Re Yin with modifation; Jin Yin Hua, Lian Qiao, Xiang Ru, Xing Ren, Raw Gan Cao, Shi Gao, Huo Xiang, Cang Zhu; intravenous drip Yu Xing Cao injection.
2, critical stage: (1) Excessive heat in Qi phase. Prescription: Bai Hu Jia Zhu Tang combining with Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan with modification: Shi Gao, Zhi Mu, Gan Cao, Huo Xiang, Pei Lan, Hou Pu, Xing Ren, Shi Chang Pu. (2) Excessive heat obstructing lungs, Qi function was blocked. Prescription: Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang plus Huang Qin Shi Gao etc combining with Hong Jing Tian preparation, including: Gua Lou Ke, Xie Bai, Ban Xia, raw Shi Gao, Xing Ren, Huang Qin, Huo Xiang, Raw Gan Cao. (3) Heat introducing Ying phase. Prescription: Qing Ying Tang with modification combining with Hong Jing Tian preparation, prescription: Shui Niu Jiao, raw Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi, Xuan Shen, Pu Gong Ying, Jin Yin Hua, Hou Pu, Xing Ren.
3, Late Stage: prescription: Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang combining with Sheng Mai Yin or Sheng Mai injection.

Result: there are 6 patients who are diagnosed as SARS, 65 patients are belong to medical observation cases of SARS. All the patients were healed and discharged from hospital.

Key words: TCM Truncation Therapy, SARS

Writer: Hui Ping, Xiaochun Liao, Fabin Du
Wu Yi TCM hospital, Jiangmen city, Guangdong province (529000)


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