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External Medicine

Renal calculus is caused by retention of internal damp and heat, stagnation of coldness and qi, or disturbance in qi transformation; these above block in the kidney. Prescriptions and usage: modification of Xiao Shui Sheng Yu Tang: Gui Zhi 10g, fresh Sheng Jiang 3 pieces, Da Zao 4 pieces, Ma Huang 7.5g, Xi Xin 3g, Fu Zi 7.5g, Zhi Mu 15g, Yun Ling 15g, Zhu Ling 10g, Ze Xie 15g, Bai Zhu 15g and Jin Qian Cao 30g. Modify the prescription according to the disease process. For instance, add fried Du Zhong and Niu Xifor severe lumbago; add Wu Yao and Xiao Hui Xiang for severe abdominal pain; add Mao Gen and San Qi for hematuria.

Key words: Xiao Shui Sheng Yu Tang, renal calculus

Writer: Shulin Yan

Chinese and Western Medicine clinic, Donggang Tuberculosis dispensary, Gushan, Donggang, Liaoning province (118313)


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