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Gynecology and Obstetrics

As the development of bear and rear better children these years, the clinical research verifies that part of the Chinese herbs have harmful effects on gravida  and fetus. For instance, Da Huang, Da Ji, Shang Lu, Ba Dou, Yuan Hua, Qian Niu Zi and Gan Sui, etc. these drugs cause server uterine contraction reflexively by stimulating intestinal tract and leading to miscarriage and premature labor. Besides, Hong Hua, Zhi Shi, Pu Huang and Dang Gui have the functions of excitation to cause intrauterine fetal anoxia and intrauterine fetal ischemia and lead to fetal hypogenesis, fetal malformation, miscarriage and premature labor or fetal death. Some of the herbs have certain toxicity, for instance, Ban Mao, raw Nan Xing, Fu Zi, Wu Tou, Yi Zhi Hao, Chuan Jiao, Wu Gong, Gan Sui, Yuan Hua, Ba Dou and Da Ji; alkaloid included in these drugs above effects on growth and development of fetus directly or indirectly. At present, Pi Shi containing arsenic trioxide, Xiong Huang, Mi Tuo Seng and Qian Fen containing lead oxide, Zhu Sha, Yin Zhu and Zhu Sha An Shen Wan containing ethiopsite; Ci Shi and Ci Zhu Wan containing ferroferric oxide, Mangan, Magnesuim, titanium and lead, etc;  Dai Zhe Shi containing ferric oxide, titanium, Magnesuim and arsenic salt accumulate in the body, and cause neonates nanocephaly, deafness, strabismus and hypophrenia. Taking aminoglycode compound in pregnancy duration will cause fetal anomaly; for example, Ginkgo Seed has a small quantity of cyanogenetic glycoside, is harmful for nerves, and leads to loss of fetal limbs differentiation and most peripheral nerve damage. Ku Xing Ren and Tao Ren contain Amygdalin; after oral taking, hydrocyanic acid produced by hydrolysis is harmful to nervous system.

Key words: gravida

Writer: Yali Zhang
Bone setting hospital, Luoyang, Henan province (471002)


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