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Internal Medicine

In these 89 cases, 62 cases are made confirmed diagnosis by sigmoscopy, Upper gastrointestinal series or germiculture, accounting for 70%. All the patients have abdominal distention, borborygmus, abdominal pain, Diarrhea, tenesmus, mucous stools, bloody purulent stools and simple bloody stools in different degrees. According to differentiations, there are 23 cases of deficiency of spleen and stomach, 24 cases of deficiency of both spleen and kidney, 32 cases of heat and damp excess of liver and spleen and 10 cases of liver qi overacting spleen. Treatment: apply 5-10 pills of Liu Shen Wan (She Xiang, Niu Huang, Bing Pian, Zhen Zhu, Chan Chu, Xiong Huang Zi and Bai Cao Shuang), be grinded into powder, add 10ml mature vinegar and mix well. Do retention enemas after gut purge every night and 10 times treatment is one course. Take Tong Xie Yao Fang at the same time and do modification according to syndromes. Results: the total effective rate is 97%.

Key words: Liu Shen Wan, retention enema, ulcerative colitis

Writer: Fucai Zhang, Shugang Li

Township health clinic, Li jia village, Yangquan, Shanxi (045001)


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