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Regulate Blood
Ingredients: Huang Qi, Dang Shen, Chuan Xiong, Bai Shao Yao, Tao Ren, Sheng Di Huang, Hong Hua, Di Long, Ge Gen, Chuan Shen Jia, Wei Ling Xian, Dan Shen, Wang Bu Liu Xing, Qiang Huo, Qin Jiao, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, raw Shi Jue Ming, and so on.
Indications: nourish Qi and blood, invigorate blood and smooth meridians, dispel wind and stop pain. It can be applied to cerebral ischemia headache, dizziness, stiff neck with pain, shoulder pain, arm numbness etc caused by the cervical bone hyperplasia.
Method and dosage: oral take, 1-2 bags each time, 2 times per day, it is good to take after meals, plus a small amount of rice wine will be better. 15 days for a treatment course.
Attention: pregnant women should not take this. It should be stopped during menstruation. It will be used with caution in patients with peptic ulcer, renal high blood pressure etc. If there is an external attack caused fever, sore throat, please suspend the use. If there are nausea and excessive sweating symptoms after taking, the medication if, please reduce the dose or stopping taking. Close tightly storage.


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