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External Medicine

Chronic Prostatitis with long term is due to excess of dampness and heat, blood stasis and kidney deficiency. Hua Yu Tong Luo Tang is self-made by author and the prescriptions are: Yin Yang Huo, Shu Di Huang, Huang Qi, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Niu Xi, Huang Bai, Zhe Bei Mu and Mu Tong. Modifications: add Long Dan Cao and  Lian Qiao for severe pathogenic dampness-heat attacking the lower energizer, younger patients, long term disease, short, yellow and turbid urine, or urodynia, drippling urination, distention of abdomen, red tongue coating, yellow and sticky tongue coating, wiry and rolling pulse; Suo Yang and Xian Mao for severe kidney deficiency, long term disease, exhaustion due to sexual indulgence, white and turbid drippling after micturition, impotence, prospermia, spermatorrhea, pale or red tongue body, thin and white tongue coating or scanty tongue coating, deep and thready pulse; add San Leng and E Zhu for severe blood stasis, long term disease, external injury of perineum, drippling, hesitant and pain of urine, white and turbid tripping at the end of micturition, or lumbago, or hematuria, hemospermia, purplish dark tongue body, or with petechia, thin and yellowish, or thin and white tongue coating, wiry and tense pulse, or wiry and rolling pulse.

Key words: chronic prostatitis, tonifying kidney and eliminating stasis

Writer: Di Su

Subsidiary hospital of Liaoning Traditional Chinese medicine academy (110032)


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