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Treatment Rule and Prevention
1. Treat stomach first if tonify spleen. Stomach governs receiving and decomposing food and spleen governs transportation and transformation. The receiving and decomposing food of stomach should be normal if the nutrition or drugs can be absorbed when taking food or drugs.
2. There are yin and yang in spleen and stomach, therefore, tonifying spleen and stomach couldn’t be confined by “stomach prefers moist and averses to dry; spleen prefers dry and averses to moist”.
3. Apply drugs sweet in taste for tonifying spleen and stomach; spleen prefers drugs sweet in taste and warm in nature, and stomach prefers drugs sweet in taste and cold in nature.
4. tonifying spleen and stomach by treating other organs: enrich spleen and stomach by tonifying other organs; regulate spleen and stomach by restraining other organs.
5. Diet cures more than the doctor. The good eating habits is the basic requirements to insure the normal spleen and stomach function.
6. Opening insteads tonifying. Therefore, apply opening method to treat indigestion due to retention of Food?in stomach and intestine.
Key words: regulate and tonify spleen and stomach
Writer: Shuyan Zheng, instructor: Xiaomin Wen
Trainee of team 6,The first military medical college (510515)


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