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Chinese Medicine Beauty

Functions: To dispel wind and clear heat, to stop acne and freckle
Ingredients: Zhe Bei Mu, Bai Fu Zi, Fang Feng, Ju Hua leaves, Hua Shi ( each 15g ), Zao Jia ( small amount )
Usage: to wash face in the morning and evening
Explanation: Acne and freckle are mostly caused by wind and heat, all of drugs mentioned above can clean face, treat and prevent facial diseases, promote beauty. In this formula, Zhe Bei Mu can enter lung to soften hardness and eliminate stagnation; Bai Fu Zi, Fang Feng, Bai Zhi can dispel wind and stop acne, freckle, the direction of all of three drugs is up, so they are good to treat facial diseases; Zhe Bei Mu, Ju Hua leaves, Hua Shi can cleat heat, stop acne and freckle; Zao Jia can clear fatness.

Key Words: Stop acne and freckle, Gai Rong Wan


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