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Acupuncture Clinic Management

For acupuncture practitioners, it is very important that you are doing the things which you love. Because of the love, you can go deeper and deeper in your practice, until success. As an acupuncturist you already know very much about yourself. No one goes to acupuncture school due to a whim. You have chosen an honorable profession and a life that reflects your beliefs. It is clear that you love the art of TCM. If you also love the business of acupuncture practice management, you will have more chance to get success. 

Finding the methods that work for you are your first step to construct the solid foundation for your practice. Once you have initiated your plan and know what makes you fulfilled and happy, taking action will be easy for you. When you see yourself enjoying not only acupuncture practice, but also your clinic management, your acupuncture practice will go into the future and beyond.

We know there are some key tools and strategies that can help you reveal those aspects of yourself most needed to create a strong, healthy, acupuncture business model. You will enjoy learning and you will use the information as guidance to help your business build up and grow.

The other idea is always be happy serving your community. The community service will help your practical approaches networking, business promotion, and it is also your responsibility as a healthcare provider to offer public education.

And you always pay attention to your techniques and practice safety, interpersonal skills. Refining your diagnostic skills and needling technique, taking care of accident prevention, treatment planning and programs, self continuing education, effective advertising, record-keeping and maintaining a network of health practitioners are all contents for build up acupuncture clinic.  

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Distance Leaning
by Elizabeth H. Lema
on Jun 17, 2011

Hello am Tanzanian living in Kenya, I want to start this courses, problem is how to pay. We don`t have access to paypal. Please advice

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