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Zhi Gan Cao Tang

Posted by: admin on May 30, 2008 - 04:24 AM

To benefit Qi and nourish yin, to tonify blood.”

Syndrome of Qi and blood deficiency, palpitation, shortness of breathing, sallow complexion; syndrome of lung deficiency, dry coughing, scanty sputum, restlessness, insomnia, night sweating, dry throat, difficult defecation, deficient and rapid pulse.”

Gan Cao 12g, Sheng Jiang 9g, Ren Shen 6g, Sheng Di Huang 30g, Gui Zhi 9g, E Jiao 6g, Ma Huang 10g, Mai Men Dong 10g, Huo Ma Ren 5-10 piecesg

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