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The 8 Extra Meridians

Ren Meridian connects with all the yin meridians of the body and is therefore known as the “sea of yin meridians”. In women, it is responsible for pregnancy and foetal nourishment.

The Ren Meridian commences within the lower abdomen and exits at the perineum. It ascends anteriorly to the public region. Along the internal abdomen, it flows upward to pass through Guanyuan (CV4) Front-Mu Point of the SmallIntestine (RN4) and other points, and reaches the throat. Flowing further upward, it curves around the lips, passes through the cheek, and emerges in the infraorbital region.
Pathological changes of RN

Hernia, leukorrhea, lumps in the lateral lower abdomen, irregular menstruation, abortion, infertility, etc.


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