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Internal Medicine

The prescription of this group: Huang Qi, 18g; Sheng di, Huai Niu Xi, Dan Shen, each of which is 15g; Sang Ji Sheng, Mu Dan Pi, Shan Zhu Yu, each of which is 10g; Ze Xie, Huai Shan Yao, each of which is 12g; Ya she cao, Jin Qian Cao, Pu Gong Ying, Che qian cao, each of which is 30g. Apply Dang Shen and Bai Zhu for qi deficiency; apply Chuan Xu Duan, Zhi Gou Ji, Du Zhong for lumbago; apply Huang Bai, Zhi Mu for low fever; apply Bai Mao Gen, Qian Cao Gen for hematuria; apply Wu Yao and Hu Po for incontinuous urination; apply Tu Si Zi, Yi Zhi Ren for nycturia; apply Da Huang for constipation. Decoct the above drugs in water for oral application, one dose a day. There are 60 cases in the control group. Take Levofloxacin hemihydrate of 0.2g, Zhi bai di huang wan of 4g with oral application, and twice a day. Treat the patients for six weeks with follow-up visit.

Results: There are 14 and 7 cases cured, 25 and 17 cases excellent, 16 and 23 cases improved and 5 and 13 cases inefficient respectively in both groups. The total effective rates are 92% and 78%.

Key Words: chronic urinary tract infection, Bu Shen Tong Lin Tang

Writer: Chen Changjiang
Zhe Jiang Chinese medicine Magazine, 2006,41(10): 598


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